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fatturapertutti API

Access to fatturapertutti through API Restful web service (last release Sep 22, 2021)

versione italiana

fatturapertutti API are a software interface that use simple http requests and allows you to:

  • check transferor's data; 
  • send a XML, XLS, CSV or TXT document;
  • import from Excel, TXT, CSV;
  • require the status of a single document;
  • require the status of several documents;
  • open the session through SPID on the Agenzia delle Entrate's website;
  • send commercial documents to the Fatture e Corrispettivi portal of Agenzia delle Entrate;
  • cancel commercial documents previously sent to the Fatture e Corrispettivi portal of Agenzia delle Entrate.


The model includes GET and POST calls with encoded parameters in JSON format in the body of the request.

The reference endpoint is: https://api.fatturapertutti.it 

Parameters  apiKey  and  password  must always be indicated in the path of all calls. 

Request format example:  https://api.fatturapertutti.it/operazione/apiKey/password/parametri

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